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"Kindergarten is a critical time for children to develop foundational skills in literacy, numeracy, and social interaction, setting the stage for future academic success."

National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER)


Exploring the Wonders of Science

Students dive into the fascinating world of science through hands-on experiments and nature exploration. They learn about the natural world, conduct simple experiments, and observe phenomena, fostering a sense of curiosity and discovery. Our science activities encourage critical thinking and a love for learning about the environment and how things work.


Discovery Through Play

Our technology component integrates age-appropriate tools and activities to introduce children to basic technological concepts. Through the use of simple gadgets, mechanical toys, and cause-and-effect games, children learn about the basics of technology in a playful and engaging manner. This exposure helps them develop problem-solving skills and an understanding of how technology impacts their daily lives.


Building Young Engineers 

Our engineering activities encourage children to think creatively and solve problems by designing and building structures. Using blocks, construction sets, and other materials, children explore concepts of balance, stability, and design. These hands-on projects help them develop spatial awareness, fine motor skills, and an early appreciation for engineering principles.


Immersive French Language Development

In our French-immersed kindergarten program, children are surrounded by the French language throughout their day. Through storytelling, songs, interactive games, and daily conversations, we foster a deep understanding and love for the French language. Our approach ensures that children not only learn to speak and understand French but also develop strong literacy skills, enhancing their overall cognitive development and preparing them for future academic success.


Discovering the Joy of Math

In our math program, children engage in interactive and fun activities that introduce them to basic mathematical concepts. They explore counting, shapes, patterns, and measurements using games, puzzles, and everyday objects. This approach makes math enjoyable and accessible, helping children develop strong numerical and logical thinking skills that form the foundation for future mathematical learning.

Physical Education

Active and Healthy Living

Our Physical Education program in the French-immersed kindergarten promotes physical well-being and healthy habits through a variety of fun and engaging activities. Children participate in games, sports, and exercises that develop their motor skills, coordination, and teamwork. By emphasizing the importance of physical activity, we help children build strength, flexibility, and confidence, ensuring they enjoy a balanced and active lifestyle.

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Our Kindergarten Classroom

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