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For now, we are only accepting pre-registrations.

Your pre-registration is essential, as it will help guide the opening of the new school. Our goal is to make the enrollment process smooth for the parents and the placement of your child as soon as possible. 

Pre-registering your child does not guarantee your student a spot at Clair de Lune; however, it does give you priority enrollment for when the school opens. There is no financial involvement in pre-registering. Clair de Lune will simply make sure to keep you regularly updated throughout its opening process.


Notification of acceptance will be provided to parents as soon as the department of child care services accepts the opening of the school. Infants and preschool students will be accepted based on the date and time of pre-registration.*
Once you are notified via phone, you will be asked to officially enroll your child within 48 hours (information on how to enroll at Clair De Lune will be included in an email and can be found on the website). If you do not enroll within 48 hours, we will notify the next person on the list and you will lose your position in line. If a child is not accepted, you will be notified and asked if you would like your child to be placed on a waiting list. 
Remember, there is NO fee for pre-registering. Your preferences will help shape the structure and framework for our upcoming 2020-2021 preschool year! 
*Please note that your child will not be fully registered and ready to start school until the full registration packet along with the registration fee is turned in to the administration office. 
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