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Au Clair de Lune Preschool and Kindergarten offers a rich curriculum in language, STEAM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) and Physical Education which takes into account the potential of each student. Throughout "La classe maternelle"(Preschool), your child will progress in socialization, language, fine and gross motor skills, and cognitive abilities all the while developing their autonomous skills. At Au Clair De Lune, we know children learn at a different pace, but we also know that children learn more efficiently when the older or most advanced students take on a leadership role to help the younger students or less advanced students with a strong desire to learn . For this reason, Au Clair de Lune purposely mixes the ages in the classroom. The common thought when it comes to mixed ages classrooms is that schools choose this path for budgetary purposes. While this may be the case for some schools, Au Clair de Lune developed its curriculum based on the knowledge that children BENEFIT from being in a classroom with children of different ages. ( To learn more about the benefits of mixed age classrooms, click here)


Our curriculum is designed to prepare children for what ever comes next!

Our teachers have taught in preschool, elementary schools and high schools. We know the demands of the public and private school system. Au Clair de Lune preschool and Kindergarten will prepare your child to what ever comes after preschool. Whether your child continues his or her schooling in French or switches to the American system, we guarantee they will strive either way. 

Throughout the school day, instructions will be 90% be in French closely following the French Ministry of Education Curriculum. Abundance of research proves that bilingual students have improved solving skills, critical thinking skills, listening skills and show to be more creative.  More importantly, children who learn to embrace other cultures often become more open-minded individuals, tolerant of diversity. 

However, English is not to be forgotten in our daily activities and will follow the California Preschool Curriculum Framework for children 4 years old and older. As children grow older they also need to be exposed to the English world and challenge their cognitive abilities in both languages. Our curriculum is well rounded in both French and English in order to help set up your child for future success.

Simply stated,

Au Clair de Lune

students are

better learners,

better speakers,

better thinkers. 


At Au Clair de Lune language activities are developed in individual interaction with the teachers or in a small group.


 Language takes a huge part in the daily life of the class. Speaking out from an early age requires emotional security and a relationship based on extreme benevolence; that is why at ACDL we do everything we can to make the students feel comfortable so they can learn how to make complete and correct sentences in French, using a rich vocabulary on various themes that they can understand and use daily in class (and at home).

Children will also learn how to write and begin to read words and maybe even write simple sentences. The sky is the limit at Au Clair de Lune!

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