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Your Child Is in Great Hands



At Au Clair de Lune, we embrace a holistic approach to early childhood education, prioritizing the individual needs and unique developmental journeys of each child, all while wearing our school uniform to foster a sense of community and discipline. In our nurturing and stimulating environment, we cultivate curiosity, exploration, and growth across physical, emotional, social, and cognitive domains. Our classrooms mix different ages intentionally to promote collaboration, communication, and empathy among students. Our play-based curriculum encourages hands-on learning experiences that enhance creativity, problem-solving skills, and self-regulation. Above all, we maintain a safe and supportive atmosphere, ensuring that every child feels valued, respected, and empowered to thrive as they embark on their educational journey with us.


We value autonomy as a cornerstone of early childhood development. We believe children thrive when given the freedom to make choices and explore independently. Through our curriculum and environment, we provide numerous opportunities for children to exercise autonomy, encouraging them to take risks, make mistakes, and learn from the process. We embrace imperfection as a natural part of growth and celebrate the unique efforts and accomplishments of each child. You'll find on our walls not the teacher's "perfect" work, but rather the genuine efforts and expressions of our students. We cherish those moments when children proudly exclaim, "I did it myself!", recognizing the value of effort and self-confidence over perfection. At Au Clair de Lune, we foster a culture of boldness, fearlessness, and mutual support as children navigate their journey of self-discovery and growth.


The World Around Us

At Au Clair de Lune, we believe in fostering a sense of curiosity and appreciation for the diverse world around us. Our curriculum integrates cultural exploration, allowing children to learn about various traditions, languages, and customs from different cultures. Through engaging activities, stories, and hands-on experiences, we aim to broaden their understanding and respect for global diversity. We enhance this learning with field trips to local cultural sites and invite guest speakers to our school, offering firsthand insights and experiences. This holistic approach not only enriches their knowledge but also nurtures empathy and open-mindedness, preparing them to become thoughtful, world-conscious individuals.


We recognize the vital role that teachers play in shaping a child's learning experience. Unlike many preschools that may overlook the significance of teacher qualifications, we prioritize excellence in our educators. Our teachers are not only trained professionals but also passionate individuals dedicated to nurturing young minds. With a minimum requirement of a bachelor's degree, and a preference for a master's in education, we uphold rigorous standards akin to those in France, where preschool and elementary teacher training are often indistinguishable. We seek out and retain teachers who demonstrate exceptional commitment to their craft and who enrich our curriculum with their unique attributes and expertise.

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Embracing The Outdoors

At Au Clair de Lune, we place a strong emphasis on physical education and the importance of outdoor activities in our curriculum. We believe that spending time outdoors is crucial for the holistic development of our children. Nearly half of each day is dedicated to outdoor activities, whether it’s through free play, guided physical education sessions, or learning in our outdoor classroom. Our approach ensures that children engage in physical exercise, explore their natural surroundings, and develop essential motor and social skills. 

Nourishing Bodies and Minds

We understand the crucial role that meals play in the growth and development of children. Our dedicated personal chef, Isa, prepares all lunches from scratch, ensuring that our students receive wholesome, nutritious food free from highly processed ingredients.


Embracing the traditions of a French school, meal times are not just about eating; they are an integral part of our educational experience. 

We use only washable and reusable dinnerware, teaching our children the importance of caring for our planet by being responsible and environmentally conscious. Discipline and manners are instilled around the table, as children eat alongside their teachers, who model proper table etiquette. Children learn to wait until everyone is served before beginning their meal and are taught to put their plates away afterwards. Meal times are cherished moments, reflecting French traditions where conversation, discovery of new foods, and a leisurely approach to eating are valued. 

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Building a Strong Partnership with Parents

At Au Clair de Lune, parents are vital partners in the educational journey of their children. Your involvement is instrumental in enriching our school community and enhancing the learning experience. We prioritize maintaining open lines of communication through regular parent-teacher conferences, ensuring you are well-informed about your child's progress and development. Additionally, we encourage parents to join us on field trips, where their presence not only supports but also enriches the children's exploration and curiosity. By fostering a collaborative and engaged partnership, we create a nurturing environment that supports the growth and development of every child.

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